There’s nothing like music . . . and good old YouTube™

Last evening, Becky and I watched a film called Captain Fantastic, which was a look at a family that dropped out of mainstream life and lived off the land.  Pretty good movie, but that’s not what I want to talk about.  During the credits, a song played that sounded familiar, and as I was looking it up, I remembered where I had heard it before.  It was called I Shall be Released, and I had a copy of it on an old audio cassette, recorded by the Earl Scruggs Review.  And that’s when YouTube came into the picture.

I immediately went to YouTube and found a video with the song.  One thing led to another, and before I knew it I found myself watching another recording of Earl Scruggs and Friends playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown.  In addition to Earl Scruggs on banjo, there were, among many others,  Steve Martin (banjo), Vince Gill (guitar), Paul Schafer (piano), and Marty Stuart (mandolin).  If you’ve got about five minutes to spare, take a look at the video.  I defy you to not tap your toes to the music.

I was waiting for Hurricane Florence to hit as I wrote this, and didn’t have a topic in mind to write about, so thank you, YouTube for saving the day.  If you’re sick of high cable TV rates, or have become bored with network programming, check out the Internet video giant.  You might get hooked like I have.  Often times I find myself missing my wonderful Catskill rivers.  No problem.  A quick search on YouTube yields unlimited videos of others fishing my favorite waters.    Need an opera fix?  Search for the Three Tenors.  Bingo!

Anyway, I also found a great music video with Chris Thile (world’s best mandolin player), Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, and Stuart Duncan.  A little different from the Earl Scruggs piece, but impressive as hell.  So enjoy the videos—and, if you do, don’t thank me, thank YouTube!

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