Not exactly the way we planned it, but . . .

As our 40th wedding anniversary approached, we decided it would be appropriate to spend a week at the same place we had celebrated our 30th: St. Simons Island, GA.  After all, we still speak about what a wonderful time we had there back then, so why not do it again?  I tried to find the same house we had rented previously, but was unsuccessful in my VRBO search.  Instead, we settled for a two-bedroom, pet friendly condominium in a lovely community just ten minutes from the beach.  This anniversary would be one to remember.

The 306-mile ride took about 8-1/2 hours, traveling on surface roads only.  Willow the Wonder Dog made the trip without blinking an eye, riding comfortably in the back seat, secured safely by her new super duper harness that buckled into the seat belt.  The drive was taxing to be sure, owing to the monotonous, two-lane, straight-as-an-arrow, no shoulder roads that made up the bulk of the trip.  However, we arrived at our destination in one piece, and for that we were grateful.

The condominium was as advertised, except for two things: the wall-to-wall carpeting was more than a little worn out; and the three TVs left a lot to be desired.  Not one of them was high definition, and they weren’t “smart” TVs, something that would prove to be of significance in light of the weather.  What can I say about the weather?  It was lousy!  In fact, it rained five of the seven days we were there. Not only did it pour, but each deluge was accompanied by violent lightning and thunder.  That proved to be Willow’s undoing, and she spent most of her time swaddled in her thunder shirt, ensconced within the safe confines of her crate.  All we had to do was watch TV, and it wasn’t much fun straining our eyes to identify who and what we were watching.  The stocked pond held lots of nice bass, but, unfortunately, none of them cooperated, and my fishing days were just that—fishing days.  Catching just didn’t happen.

Our anniversary (August 4th) fell on a Wednesday, and after an extensive search on the Internet for an appropriate venue for our big dinner, we selected the Georgia Sea Grill. The ambience was nice, and our server was delightful. Becky and I shared several appetizers, but she chose the rack of lamb for her entree, while I chose the sea scallops.  Big mistake!  I spent the next four days hovering over the convenience, as my body did its best to divest itself of the contents of my ill-advised meal.  Our final day couldn’t come fast enough. The drive home was trepidatious to say the least, but we made it without incident.

The bright spot of the whole trip was actually finding the house we had rented ten years ago.  We rang the doorbell and were greeted by a cheerful couple that had rented the place for a month.  We asked them to take our picture in front of the place, and they eagerly obliged.  Our previous stay there a decade ago was one we’ve never forgotten, and to find the house again just filled us with joy.

While the accommodations were acceptable (but not exceptional), and our celebratory dinner was far from satisfactory, overall the week was a welcome getaway.  However, we learned several things: our dog loves car trips (which is a big relief); 300-mile road trips are really exhausting; and as long as we’ve got each other, nothing can spoil our time together.

FORTY YEARS!!!  And they said it wouldn’t last . . .

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