Crisis, hell! It’s an opportunity . . .

Yes, these are scary times.  The whole world is on lockdown due to the Corona virus.  But there are bright spots shining through the darkness.

Husbands and wives are getting to spend good, quality time together.  In our case, we’ve rediscovered each other’s sense of humor.  We’re taking daily walks, talking to people in the adjoining neighborhoods, and binge watching some terrific series on Netflix.  Just yesterday morning, we were greeted with a FaceTime call from our youngest son and our two granddaughters.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  In fact, all four of our kids have been more in touch, checking on our well being.  What a delight!

There are other fringe benefits to this crisis.  Here’s an example.  Because of all the walking I do (two or more miles each day), my exercise shoes have developed holes in their soles.  Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d go online and see about ordering a new pair.  I went to the New Balance website and began exploring different models.  I settled on one particular pair and put them in my “shopping cart.”  Then, weighing the cost, I decided to wait a while, and logged off.  Best decision I ever could have made.  This morning, I found that I had received an email from New Balance with an offer of 25% off on any purchase.  Sure enough, when I logged back onto their website, I found that those $100 shoes in my shopping cart now had a 25% discount applied to them.  Bingo!  I sealed the deal, and am now awaiting arrival of my new footwear.

There are those who say, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I guess, in some kind of weird way, I would have to agree.  Make the most of this particular crisis.  Go for a walk.  Play a board game with your mate.  Call your kids.  Heck, write a book!  Read a book.  Read something.  This crisis won’t last forever!

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