To Shop or Not to Shop – That is the Question . . .

Okay, as a result of the Corona virus crisis, we’re all “quarantined,” officially or unofficially; either way you look at it, the result is the same.  We’re pretty much confined to house arrest.  I still take my daily walk of between two and two-and-a-half-miles, but, other than that, it’s home sweet home.  Ugh!

Early on, when this crisis began, we stocked up on food staples, with the notable exception of toilet paper.  Then, for more than a week, following the outbreak, I would make a daily foray to the local supermarkets in search of that previously unappreciated commodity.  No luck.  Empty shelves were the norm (and, as far as I know, still are).  Not to worry.  We’ve got about seven rolls of the precious paper remaining, enough for about a month.  After that, heaven knows what we’ll do.  I’ll worry about it then.

But now, our food stores are running low, and it’s time to replenish them.  Each day, I add an item or two to the list.  When the list is long enough, I’ll have to venture forth in hopes of finding what I need.  But there’s a problem: How exactly should I do it?  Should I first try Lidl, the supermarket with the lowest prices, but which is farthest from my home?  Normally, that’s what I’d do.  Then, I’d work my way back home, stopping at Walmart, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter, in that order, until I have obtained everything on my list.

“I don’t want you to go!” Becky says, with every vein in her neck sticking out.  “It’s too dangerous.”  She’s referring, of course, to the danger posed by the unseen enemy, COVID-19, or “The Virus.”  I appreciate her concern, I really do.  But we need the food.  There’s no way on God’s green Earth that I’m waiting until we’ve completely exhausted our food supply before I go shopping.  But visiting all those stores?  That’s kind of risky.

Is there a compromise?   I suppose so.  I can just visit one store (most likely Food Lion), and hope I can get most of what we need, while minimizing my exposure.  So, I guess that’s what I’ll do.  Don’t worry, I’ll don a pair of rubber gloves, stay the requisite six feet away from other humans, and go through the mandatory “wash everything” protocol upon my return.  It’s scary.  But I trust that God will protect me, and I’ll just do it.

There is one bright spot amid all this darkness.  As a result of our mutual confinement to quarters, we’re actually seeing more of our family.  We are using FaceTime more than we ever have before.  We get to see all of our kids, and even see our grandchildren at breakfast and sometimes at dinner.  Those visits, coupled with the time we actually get to see our children as a result, have become a staple of our daily lives.  So, maybe the crisis isn’t so bad after all.  Let’s just pray that it ends soon.  I’m hungry . . . and we need toilet paper.

In the meantime, I urge you all to fire up those computers, and get busy with your own family “visits,” even if they are only virtual.  It beats the alternative.

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15 Responses to To Shop or Not to Shop – That is the Question . . .

  1. Mark says: delivers groceries! If they are not in your area, find someone else to do it. Corona kills 50% more men than women. Stay safe!! That means staying home. You and Becky are in my thoughts more than you can realize. I think about you every day! I’ll call soon!!!

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    • Thanks, Mark. Hope you and your mom are doing okay. My phone line is always open to you. Look forward to your call. 😊


      • Richard Dawley says:

        I believe Mark’s message is that you should send Becky out to do the shopping.

        We have been more fortunate here in finding things we need. We also stocked up a couple of weeks ago on long lasting items. So, we have gone only twice since then and found most of what we were looking for. If cases increase significantly in this area, we will probably hunker down totally for a while and forgo the fresh foods.

        Hope you are successful in finding what you need. Love to you both from both of us.

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        • I think one good outing should provide us with most of what we need. After that, we’ll stay at home except for my daily walks. Love to you guys, too! Miss all of our Linkside gang. 🙂


  2. balroop2013 says:

    I thought I would shop my breakfast cereal, which is still enough for two weeks, by ordering in advance from Amazon but guess what? It tells me to choose the day and then doesn’t let me click on any, saying no slot is available! So I’m going to shop without any questions just like veggies, which finish within 10 days!

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  3. Just be very cautious and keep your distance. Wash carefully when you get home, and you’ll do just fine. 😊


  4. Take care… Stay safe and healthy! Virtual visits with the kids and grands are awesome… Sure to become a great habit! Have an awesome week, Joe!


  5. KiM says:

    Several groceries and Walmart have home delivery of groceries, some have drive thru’s, but if you don’t have that option near you, I’d go early when it’s the cleanest and so many have made that a time for seniors to shop.

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  6. Mary says:

    Hey Joe – Currently going through pretty much what you and millions are! Yes, I’m working from home these days. Hope you got that toilet paper re-stocked lol. The last time I dared to venture out to the grocery store (HEB), I wore gloves and a mask. Now, I just do the curb-side grocery shopping with InstaCart and/or Shipt. My daughter tells me there’s Favor as well…haven’t tried them yet. Good luck and Godspeed during this pandemic.

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    • Thanks, Mary. Kind of getting used to “house arrest.” Have enough toilet paper now to last for many months. A weekly trip to the market is all the traveling I’m doing these days. If I couldn’t take my daily walk, however, I think I’d go nuts.
      I don’t think life will return to anything close to normal until the new year.
      Hope you and your family continue to stay safe! 😷

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