Christmas – the gift that keeps on giving . . .

As I write this, it’s January 15th and my wife and I are just beginning to put the Christmas decorations and the artificial tree away in the attic.  We know it’s a little late to be doing this, but it just felt so good to have the house full of the holiday spirit, we wanted it to last a little longer.  In fact, each year, we take our leave of the beloved holiday later and later and later.

Christmas means many things to different people.  For some it’s about decorating—inside and out.  Everyone remembers the movie, Christmas Vacation, and the outrageous display of lights on the outside of the Griswolds’ house.  And then there was the overloaded electrical socket in the film A Christmas Story, filled with plugs leading to extension cords to light the family’s cockeyed tree.  We have dozens of special objects that decorate the interior of our new townhome, and each Christmas finds one or two more added to the collection.

For us, it’s all about family.  It’s an opportunity to see our children and grandchildren in an atmosphere of relaxed frivolity.  It’s a time for dredging up memories of special events like someone’s prom, or another’s first date.  There are snapshot albums to be pored over and even some ancient slides to view on the living room wall.  And, of course, there are games, Attack Uno being one of our favorites.

Christmas itself is a gift as much as those that are wrapped and placed beneath the tree.  It’s a time to create new memories that will be looked back upon in the future with fondness.  It’s about baking special cookies, and preparing the traditional greenbean casserole and candied sweet potatoes that everybody says they don’t care about, yet seem to disappear nevertheless.

If we didn’t have Christmas each year, we’d have to invent another holiday to take its place. So, as we carefully wrap each ornament, pack away each set of tree lights, and restore the photo albums to their place in the coat closet, we thank God for the holiday His birth created over two thousand years ago.  Yes, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, but it’s also a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

A belated Merry Christmas to all.

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  1. Christmas is, indeed, a glorious gift that keeps giving and giving… You’re way ahead of me on wrapping up the decorations that mark this special season–my deadline is January 31st. Dan reminded me today that I need to get a head start, but I hate to let the glow of the season go. A season of giving and loving should brighten our lives every day. And, it does with memories old and new. Love came down at Christmas! Our holidays were lovely with family near and far joining us at home and online too. How we treasure the gift that keeps giving and giving… Blessings to you and yours as we carry that Gift and all it continues to give through the New Year! ❤

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  2. balroop2013 says:

    Lovely thoughts Joe…whatever fills the heart with joy is the best! Stay blessed!

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  3. Never follow the pathways society says is correct for you! Live your own life by stepping off of that hard concrete pathway and into the wilderness of peace within. Create your own pathway through the wilderness that others may choose to follow. “Build it, and they will come?” Smiles! Christmas is Spiritual eternal. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joe, every day of the year!

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  4. The important thing about Christmas is to live it every day of your life. Never put love away! It is the meaning of Christmas and life. I have year-around Christmas in my living room and would not trade it for anything. It brings peace to me and those who come to visit. What more could I ask?

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  5. Joe, Christmas is a special time that starts in my heart days before the 25th and lasts for just a few days after. I agree with your sentiments but not your put things away schedule. The day after January 1 is perfectly long enough.

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    • I used to be like you about putting things away. In fact, I preferred to put up the tree only a day or two before Christmas, and have everything down and put away by the 1st. However, in recent times, I find myself starting to decorate a full week before Christmas, and not caring if we ever take the decorations down. Guess that’s one of the privileges of aging. Whatever makes you happy, just do it. 🙂


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