Woo hoo, a doubleheader!

I received the greatest gift a dad could get this Father’s Day.  It was a certificate from my eldest son for a trip with him to a minor league baseball game, date to be determined.  Ever since June, I’ve been wondering when we would go.  Well, we finally selected a date this week and it’s tonight.  The really good news is that, because of yesterday’s rainout, tonight’s game will be a doubleheader—with fireworks afterward.

I could hardly sleep last night (and that was even before I learned of the rainout and subsequent doubling up of games).  As a kid, the most wonderful thing I ever did was go to a Brooklyn Dodgers baseball game with my brother and our dad.  It was always an adventure: driving to the ballpark, the first glimpse of the field as we entered, the smell of hot dogs, popcorn, and even cigars.  I’ve never forgotten the experience.  Now, here I am at the age of 74, and I’m just as excited, but instead of my dad taking me, it’s my son.  Even better!  Baseball has always been a generational game, and my son and I are living proof that the tradition continues.

We’re going to the Charlotte Knights game, and the Knights are in a strong position to win a spot in the Triple A playoffs.  So, unlike so many minor league games I’ve attended in the past, tonight’s contests will have real meaning.  I checked the weather report, and it’s a beauty.  High temperature will be in the middle 70s and overcast—perfect conditions for a ballgame, let alone two!  I’m already thinking about what I’ll get to eat.  Right now, the leading contender is nachos.  But I reserve the right to change my mind should something better present itself on the menu.  And definitely at least one beer (since I won’t be driving).

The Dodgers may not play in Ebbets Field anymore, and the “Boys of Summer” may be ancient history, but there’s baseball at BB&T Ballpark tonight, and I’ll be there!  Now, if I can only remember the words to “Take Me Out to the Ball game” . . .  Aw, heck, who cares? By the time the seventh inning stretch rolls around I’ll probably be asleep.  But I’ll sure be happy!  (Thanks, Dave.)

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4 Responses to Woo hoo, a doubleheader!

  1. Asleep??? And give your son something to chuckle about??? C’mon Joe, there’s a game out there to be played, even if it is only the seventh inning. Just hope your son stays awake. lol Again, you’ve shared with us another wonderful story . . . please let there be more.

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  2. Bill says:

    Tripe A is often better than the MLB games because the young players are trying to get to the bigs. Also, the ball parks are smaller that that means smaller crowds. I miss baseball but know of nobody who would go with me. Baseball, like all sports requires companionship to be fully enjoyed.

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