Now what do we do?

Well, we did it.  We sold our house!  Yesterday morning we got a call that an offer was coming in.  Throughout the day, we negotiated the price and conditions, until, finally, around 7:15 in the evening the deal was consummated.  In the old days, we’d have had to meet with the realtors, sign and initial a myriad of paperwork, shake hands with the buyers and await the closing.  These days it’s all done via the Internet.  We “signed” wherever we needed to electronically, clicking here, there, and everywhere it said “click.”  And, just like that, the deal was done.  To celebrate, we went out and enjoyed a pizza!  

The buyers are closing on the sale of their house on April 24th, which means we will be closing on the sale of ours right afterward.  All along, all we thought about was selling, selling, selling.  We gave very little thought to what would happen once that became a reality.  Now that we are under contract, the enormity of what we are facing has smacked us right in the face.

There is so much involved in a move that it boggles the mind.  A moving company must be found and hired.  Storage may be needed, and, if so, we’ll have to make arrangements for that.  We’ll have to find new doctors, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, and a pharmacy, in addition to changing our health insurer.  Drivers licenses will need to be obtained, along with registration for our two cars.  What if we close on our house, and we haven’t closed on our new dwelling?  A very likely scenario.  Can we rent our own house back from the buyers?

On Monday, we plan to begin searching in earnest for our new home.  We have a pretty good idea of where we want to live, and we know that there are plenty of homes available to choose from.  But making that choice will no doubt be a daunting task.  There are numerous considerations involved: location, location, location, of course; number of bedrooms and baths; and the makeup of the neighborhood.  Will we be able to find a home with the master bedroom on the main level?  That is an absolute necessity.  Should we buy a condominium, or a stand-alone house?  That is another decision we’ll have to make.

Anyway, we’ve gotten over the first major hurdle: selling our house.  Now comes the fun part—if you call dealing with all that I have listed above as fun.  Oh, did I mention packing?  That’s something we’ve already started doing—along with getting rid of “stuff.”  As I see it, this is our last big adventure.  So here we go!  Wish us luck.

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13 Responses to Now what do we do?

  1. Loretta Ramey says:

    Joe are you able to do a children’s book for a friend of mine? Or is this not a good time with your house move and all let me know. Loretta Ramey

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  2. So happy for you, Joe and Becky. Just go with your instincts and you’ll end up doing beautifully. You have a great outlook and that will carry you through. Congrats!

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  3. John Kay says:

    Congratulations Joe & Becky!
    Fingers crossed🤞 for smooth sailing ⛵️ !
    Just a thought….
    You mentioned that you might be looking for a master bedroom on the “main level.”
    Shouldn’t your next home, optimumly, be all on one level, to avoid excessive stair climbing?

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    • Ideally you’re 100% correct. Unfortunately in order to get everything on one floor increases the footprint AND the cost. However we are looking at some houses with the most important stuff on the main floor, so it should work out okay.


  4. KiM says:

    Joe, Just a heads up about something we’ve noticed with several friends, and I do mean several on at least 6 occasions. Buyers can and do back out AND they get their earnest money back for NO reason. Seriously. It is not geared for fairness to the sellers at all anymore. We’ve heard locally of buyers that backed out after the kept the house off the market, literally the day before closing and what is the worst is they all got their earnest money returned and none of them had legitimate reasons. Just changed their minds. We noticed on our own home that we said to keep showing even after we had an offer that realtors just stop as soon as your MLS shows under contract. I’m not trying to worry you, but I’d also hate to see you two in a bind with this new way of house selling. I’m not suggesting it would happen, I just wanted you to be aware that something has changed here in NC. Now that I’ve rained on your parade… congrats and best of luck finding the perfect home!

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  5. Congratulations, Joe. Are you moving out of the state? Wherever you go, I hope you find just what you want. I hate the idea of ever moving again and really hope I can stay put until they have to carry me out.


  6. Awesome! ❤ Congratulations and best wishes as you and Becky venture out on your new adventures! xo

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  7. This tired old body could surely use a rest . . . lol.
    Oh well, lead on McDuff. Onward and upward.


  8. Bill Ramsey says:

    Look upon this as a fun time; like a walk in the park. That way, maybe your mind can fool your tired, old body.

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