Hurry up and wait . . .

As you know, we have put our house on the market in order that we may move closer to our children and grandchildren.  Officially, the house has been listed for 20 days, but owing to a Biblical amount of rain, there have only been a handful of days since its listing when it has been favorable to show it.

We’ve already started looking at homes on the other end of our proposed journey, but looking now, without a contract on our present home, is a futile as planning your retirement the day you graduate from high school.  There’s not much point to it.

Each day, we check our smart phones for texts and emails notifying us of scheduled showings.  Each day, after breakfast, we vacuum, sweep, straighten, clean, and arrange, so that the house will show to its best advantage should a prospective buyer decide to come look.  At this rate, our carpet will be threadbare and our hardwood floors will have lost their lustre.  But it’s all part of the “game.”

Part of the fun, if there is such a thing, in selling a house, is choosing where to go while potential buyers meander through it, in your absence, deciding if this chair will go here, or whether that bed will fit there.  “Does that fireplace actually heat the whole house?” they ask, in all sincerity.  Or, “Do the chairs come with the island?”  Yes and no.  “These windows are awfully nice,” they observe.  The list of questions and comments is endless.

Today, we have one showing scheduled; we had two on the docket, but the second one decided to come to the open house that’s being held tomorrow.  That’s okay.  The more the merrier.  I printed another dozen fact sheets this morning, and I’ll print as many as I need to get the job done.

Selling a house is never easy.  Those that go under contract within 48 hours of being listed are as rare as hens’ teeth, whatever they are.  The average DOM (Days On Market) for homes sold in our county is 77.  We’re at 20.  Only 57 more before it’s “panic time.”  Until then, there’s lots of time left to vacuum . . . and straighten . . . and clean . . . and sell.

As Larry the Cable Guy would say: “Git ‘er done!”  (From his lips to God’s ears.)

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8 Responses to Hurry up and wait . . .

  1. KiM says:

    Bet the average DOM varies as much with the weather as it does house price/area. Good luck.

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  2. Loretta Ramey says:

    Joe, pray to God and ask him to sale your house for you, to someone who will really appreciate the house. That’s what I did and it sold quickly to a nice young couple. (The Bible says you do not receive because you do not ask).

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  3. Best wishes all around, Joe!


  4. Richard Fuller says:

    Always enjoy your take on everyday life. We will be entering the same phase you are currently enjoying ( HAH ) soon.
    Sharing your experience is really helpful but we are not looking forward to it.
    Wishing you the best .

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  5. allenrizzi says:

    Speriamo di non aver lasciato macchie di salsa agli spaghetti….


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