A resounding success

Well, the great online eyeglass purchasing experiment is over, and the results are in.  Not only did the online optical purveyor, Warby Parker, pass the test, it did so with flying colors.  I graded it an A minus.  It would have earned a solid A had its frame selection been a bit more generous.  Yes, I was able to find a frame I liked (the Watts), but I would have preferred more of a color choice than was available.  That being said, the ultimate judgement is whether one would do it again, and my answer to that question is a resounding “You betcha!”

 The total cost for my frame and progressive prescription lenses was $295, and that included an anti-glare finish, a scratch resistant coating, and UV protection.  If you add the cost of the visit to the optometrist for the refraction, it was $335, which is about half of what I would have paid had I purchased the eyeglasses from a traditional source.  In reality, I paid only $315, because the young lady who accepted my order online credited me with $20 when she inadvertently failed to recognize that my prescription was for progressive lenses and not single vision.  “Wow!  I really suck!” were the exact words she entered on the screen during our live chat, when she realized her mistake.  “I’m going to take $20 off your purchase price.”  (Not being one to argue, I graciously accepted her largesse without batting an eye.)

Reaction to my new “cheaters” has been mixed, due largely to the fact that most people just aren’t very observant.  Some friends like them, some not so much.  My entire immediate family went a full day and a half before one member (who shall always hold a special place in my heart) finally gushed, “Oh my gosh, I love your new glasses!”  The ensuing chorus of affirmation was just icing on the cake.  Okay, to be fair, my sister-in-law had made a similar observation the previous day, but I was really counting on “my blood” to notice “biggly.”  My ten-month-old granddaughter paid me the ultimate compliment when she tried unsuccessfully to wrest the glasses from my head.

All-in-all, the experience of puchasing eyeglasses online was about as easy as one could hope for.  I had a total of fourteen frames sent to my home at no charge for me to try on, and the gimmick of taking a “selfie” while holding a credit card beneath my nose actually worked perfectly in measuring my PD (pupillary distance).  The refraction was rendered impeccably, and I am totally pleased with the results.  So now I no longer need to get the shakes when I entertain the thought of purchasing new glasses.  I’ll just go online and “Git ‘er done!” thanks to Warby Parker (Gee that’s a mouthful, isnt it?).

Next week, I’ll address solving world hunger.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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7 Responses to A resounding success

  1. KiM says:

    Glad they worked out so well for you. They look nice too. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving too, I’m finishing my pot of coffee before I touch the oven ~

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  2. Bruce Pfeffer says:

    Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving. You look great in your new glasses. Your tutorial on the process was inspiring. But here’s my problem. What has happened to our society, that requires us to become experts in order to get a fair deal, and more importantly, a good outcome? This has been the case for a long time, regarding healthcare choices for ourselves and our family. I wholeheartedly agree with your need to save a bundle through a DIY process, especially for us seniors on tight budgets. Must we become experts on everything that impacts our lives to secure good outcomes? What happened to local merchants with skills and experience to accommodate out basic needs at a reasonable cost? I remember my first major appliance purchase while living at home with my mom in Oradell, N.J. (Remember that place in 1969?) There were big appliances superstores, even then, but it seemed so much simpler to go to the family-owned appliance place on Kinderkamack Rd, just opposite your family’s home. We got advice on brands, reliability and costs. A week later, they delivered our new Amana upright freezer, and removed the old Frigidaire chest. I’d assumed the cost would be somewhat higher going this route, but surprisingly, it was the same. Even with a little extra time available, I object to becoming an “educated consumer” for every product and service, in order to not getting screwed over.

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