A matter of privacy . . .

At last count, there were approximately 2.23 billion Facebook users globally.  Considering that the world’s population is just over 7.6 billion, that means that just under 30 per cent are represented on the iconic social media site.

Facebook represents a unique opportunity for authors like me to interact with our readers, but for most people it is primarily a way to keep up with old friends, movie stars, and athletes.  After attending my high school reunion in 2012 and becoming reacquainted with many of my old classmates, Facebook has become the main vehicle with which I can stay in touch with them.

“The Facebook,” as it was originally titled, has its drawbacks for sure.  We are encouraged by those in charge to “friend” people, and to “follow” others.  I heard a comedy routine recently in which the comic said he “unfriended” someone, then sent that individual a “friend request” (which was accepted, of course) just so he could “unfriend” the person again.  We need to be careful with what we make “public,” because public means just that.  Even if we only share pictures or information with our “friends,” there is nothing to prevent them from “re-sharing” (my phrase) the pictures or information with total strangers.

In April of this year, 87 million of those Facebook customers had their security breached.  This led to a re-examination of the privacy settings by most Facebook users, yours truly included.  We were cautioned to be extra careful about what we uploaded to our account, and that level of awareness spread like wildfire among the other social media giants like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, just to mention a few.

In a response to this crisis, I have taken extra care in protecting the identities of those individuals featured in my Facebook and Twitter posts, and especially here in my blog posts.  With that in mind, here are a few of the pictures I have “shared” recently.  I hope you enjoy them.  But please, do NOT share them with anyone other than your closest “friends.”  I’d prefer to keep them as “private” as possible.  I wouldn’t want this to go viral.


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I am a former professional fly-fishing guide, and I write the Matt Davis Mystery Series, which presently consists of five books: As the Twig is Bent, Opening Day, Twice Bitten, Broken Promises and Deadly Ransom. The series is set in the real town of Roscoe, NY, in the Catskill Mountains, where I guided for ten years. I love fly fishing, movies, cooking (and eating), and music. To learn more about me and my writing, please visit my website at: http://www.joeperronejr.com.
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  1. Reblogged this on Bill Ramsey's Blog and commented:
    Joe P is a friend of mine. He has helped me get my books looking good and then published. In this blog he shares a caution and ends with a humorous take on the security topic. See his photos.

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  2. Great and sound advice. For many of us the horse is already out of the barn. Who is that cat that you masked in the photo, Joe?

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  3. Jane Raffo Nocella says:

    Say it, forget it. WRITE it, regret it. People post things they would never say to that person if they were face to face. People don’t understand that deleting a written post or pictures doesn’t make them go away. Even SnapChat posts can be saved with a simple screen shot. Kids are the worse culprits, but I’ve seen some stuff posted on Facebook that makes me say, “What the heck?”.

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  4. Oh my, Joe! You gave me my best chuckle for the day! Thank you! Facebook doesn’t bother me as much as Amazon’s Alexa. Sweet Alexa records everything you say. My neighbor was at her daughter’s, where Alexa is left on all the time. They were discussing a medicine that might help her granddaughter. The next advertisement on television was that medicine. Look at YouTube videos about Alexa. One video has a group of programmers that broke into Alexa to make her tell the “truth”. Alexa admitted she works on contract with the Federal Government, and then Alexa said SOS danger and shut off completely. The programmers couldn’t even get her to play music. The programmers checked their cell phones for Alexa and saw/heard every word that had just been spoken. So Alexa could take your words and mix them up and make it seem you said something that you didn’t? Hmm, I wonder! There is no privacy anywhere now. Yes, social media and recording devices know more about you than you do! It is frightening!

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  5. allenrizzi says:

    As you know my “unidentified wife” junked her Facebook account. Spying is not okay with either of us. Here in Europe, Mr. Sugar Mountain will be prosecuted soon.

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  6. Matt says:

    I appreciate you raising awareness to the severe issue of social media consciousness. The incident in the spring of 2018, wasn’t so much a breach of Facebook’s security but rather an app that was on Facebook that people were using. Users were sharing information via the app and providing and sharing far too much information and the developers of the app were exploiting it. That company was Cambridge Analytica. (Look into them if interested)

    By no means do I feel that Facebook is innocent but this wasn’t a hole in their security.

    People need to stop answering these quizzes that say “where did you grow up?” “What’s your favorite movie?” Etc. You are just giving people the answers to your security questions for passwords and such. It is social engineering. That is the stuff you need to be careful about posting.

    Moral of the story be careful about all that you post.

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  7. G??e Pe??on? says:

    Since you blacked out there eyes… there is really no conclusive way to be sure that it’s your brother standing next to you at the Savannah Bananas game. I saw plenty of that very same shirt at the Ballpark that night.
    G??e Pe??on?

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  8. KiM says:

    When I saw the photo and read the blog title I was hoping someone hadn’t used the pic of you and your cat for something you didn’t agree too. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case. On social media I’m shocked at the people who post when they’re going out of town, do the “fun” quizzes that likely give away all password recover info or just plain share quite so much. I occasionally post to public on my personal FB page but I have gotten up as I wondered if that post, the one I put up after that public post, was put back to friends only because it always defaults to the last setting (and the dreaded (top stories instead of recent). I have a few videos of my cats on YouTube and my FB page that people have said some pretty rotten things about me, my voice, my cats etc and even though I delete them, I can’t delete them from your mind quite as easy and some of them are hurtful. See ya online -well all of y’all but the eyes 🙂

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  9. balroop2013 says:

    Lol! Those pictures are fabulous 🙂 🙂

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