Make Someone Happy . . .

There’s an old song by the late Jimmy Durante that concludes with the lines, “Make someone happy.  Make just one someone happy.  And you will be happy too.”

I have always been accused of excess sentimentality when it comes to remembering old acquaintances, and the lengths to which I am willing to go to track some of them down and stay in touch.  My wife calls me “Sweet Sap.”  Sometimes it has worked out, and other times not so much.  But I’ve always been willing to try.

This past week, however, the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak.  Two—count ’em—two people reached out and got in touch with me!  One was an old, old friend, *Harry, with whom I had lost touch when I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina.  Early in the week, I had noticed that his wife had posted several things on Facebook.  Then, I received a Facebook message from her asking for my phone number, because *Harry wanted to call me.  *Harry and I hooked up later that day and talked for nearly an hour.  We are planning a get together in the near future.  It just so happens that *Harry is the person who introduced me to fly fishing over 40 years ago!

On Wednesday, just as I was pulling into a parking space to get a long overdue haircut, my cell phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number—normally I never answer a call when I don’t know who is calling— but for some reason I answered it.  “Joe, this is Steve,” said the voice on the other end.  My initial reaction was, “Steve who?”  But the old brain was running at warp speed, and I immediately followed up with, “Wait, wait, I know who this is.  It’s Steve *Smith (not his real name).”  The caller laughed and said, “Yeah, but how did you know?”  I responded with the truth, “Because I recognized your voice.”  It turned out that he had been in nearby Asheville just one week earlier.  Needless to say, we plan a “reunion.”  Steve, too, is a fellow fly fisher.

In each case, I experienced the extreme sense of joy at having been sought out and contacted by someone who I had often thought about, but had been unable to reach.  It was exhilarating, to say the least.  Where these two relationships go from here is unimportant.  What mattered to me was that someone else, besides me, had taken the initiative and the time to find me, and had reached out and called me.

Is there someone you’ve been thinking about lately, but for some reason have been unable (or unwilling) to reach out to?  Why not take a minute, or an hour, or a week, and make the effort?  You might be surprised at the reward it yields, not just for them, but for you, as well.  Go ahead.  As the song says, “Make someone one happy.  Make just one someone happy.  And you will be happy too.”  I guarantee it!

*Not their real name

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9 Responses to Make Someone Happy . . .

  1. You have always been guided by your inspiration, or you could never have written even one poem, let alone many books. Inspiration will guide you as to when to answer the phone and what to do in many, many other things of life. You have learned how to follow your inspiration. NEVER let anyone “detour” you from your natural pathway in life. It is a good one! I also like the song, “I want to be happy, but I can’t be happy, unless I make you happy too.” So many people in this world right now need just a kind word and/or a pat on the back for all they are trying to be. Take the risks! They ARE worth it, smiles!


  2. Bruce Pfeffer says:

    In 1962 the Russians sent a Morse code message to Venus, introducing Earth to any aliens listening. More complex messages were beamed to outer space in 1974 by the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico hoping to link up with kind alien friends. Many are concerned that aliens may not be looking for new pen pals to share their advanced knowledge. Looking for old friends can be just as dangerous, as our perceptions of friends from the good old days may be markedly different, especially when they harbored secret jealousies and festering hatreds from perceived slights. So I agree with your first impulse in not answering unfamiliar callers, and in the wisdom of Jim Croce, in his classic 1972 hit song “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim”, don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

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    • Surely true concerning old girlfriends (or boyfriends, if you are a female). Had one such experience not too long ago. I still think it’s worth the effort; call me a cockeyed optimist. 🙂


  3. Allie P. says:

    What a nice happenstance!

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  4. Bill Ramsey says:

    Just happens that I got an email yesterday from a friend. We usually send jokes and current events things by email to each other. However, this time his tone sounded lonely and down. I phoned him and , sure enough, he needed to talk to a friend.

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  5. Just needed a nudge… Thanks, Joe! 🙂

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