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Book LogoAs you may know, this year I recently formed a small publishing/consulting company called Escarpment Press.  Its goal is to publish a maximum of four books annually, primarily non-fiction, or with a subject matter that is narrowly focused and unique. The first two books to be published by the new company were written by author Karen S. Garner of Sparks, Nevada. Pachou (The Beginning of the Past) has as its subject a native American woman, while What If?  God Without Religion features spiritually as its theme.

Bill Ramsey

Bill Ramsey

Today, I’d like to introduce the latest author to be published under the Escarpment Press imprint: Bill Ramsey.  I first met Bill when he was chairman of the Blue Ridge Bookfest in Hendersonville, NC, which has been my home for the last 15-plus years.  Bill has a unique ability to look at ordinary subjects and reflect upon them in an extraordinary manner.  (Those who follow his blog will know what I am talking about.)

After working on the layout for Bill’s first collection of essays, Now That I Think About It: (Reflections of “Billy the Elder?”), I was pleased when he approached me about having Escarpment Press publish its sequel, What do YOU Think? Brief Essays from Real Life.  Both books are available in paperback and Kindle editions from, along with two earlier works, Billy the Kid (From Houston – Not Texas): A Child’s Life from 1950 to 1960, and Me Now – Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery), co-authored with Angela Leigh Tucker.  

FRONT COVER What do YOU Think 09-21-2015

Bill’s newest book is chock full of thought-provoking essays with wry titles like Fact Check This, My Lawn is Gone, In the Absence of Relevance; and Is Boxing a Sport?  The subject matter ranges from music and sports, all the way to technology and nostalgia. Individual pieces range from a paragraph to a page or two, and all feature Mr. Ramsey’s individual take on the subject, given in a way that is sure to evoke a response.  With Christmas right around the corner, What do YOU Think? is an ideal stocking stuffer, with a cover price of only $12.95.  Here is a sample essay from What do YOU Think? Brief Essays from Real Life by Bill Ramsey.

Time Flies (Fun or Not)

“We have all heard the phrase, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’  I have found that time flies even when you are not having fun.  Teenagers sometimes complain about being bored.  They wish time away without considering the consequences of their wish.  Most retirees have discovered that, with little time left, it is not smart to wish away time.  Given that time is flying, I prefer to be having fun as time flies.  Is that possible?  Yes!  All that is required is that we redefine and broaden the definition of “fun.”  For example, I spent most of this week pulling weeds, spreading mulch and planting flowers.  I had to skip the gym and the friends that I enjoy while there to get this work done.  It would have been easy to complain and consider this tiring work to be drudgery or worse.  Instead I focused on the fun of it.  Fresh air, sunshine, birds, exercise, a wonderful finished result and a wife who complimented me made it “fun.”  Soon I will clean out the garage.  That will be fun as I look forward to discovering what is really out there.  Here is to having fun as the sands of time run on!”

About the author: Bill Ramsey began writing in high school as a sports columnist for the local newspaper.  During his forty year professional career he wrote technical manuals, magazine articles, and business newsletters.  In retirement, writing about real life issues became his passion.  He is the author of four books, and publishes a blog at:  He serves on the Board of Trustees for both the North Carolina Writer’s Network and Blue Ridge Community College.  He has also served on the leadership team of the Blue Ridge Bookfest since its creation in 2008.  He lives the happy life of a retiree in the mountains of western North Carolina with his wife of fifty years, Donna.  To learn more, visit Bill’s website at

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  1. Those of us who have worked with Joe and Escarpment Press know what full service means. He misses no details and is considerate of the needs and sensitivities of writers. One of the best discoveries of my writing life was discovering Joe Perrone, Jr.

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