A Power Beyond Man

When is the last time you considered the possibility of there being a God?  We take so much for granted in our every day lives that most of us never reflect upon the significance of the seemingly insignificant.  Take, for instance, the very air we breathe. Scientists tell us that the percentages of gases that compose our atmosphere are precisely configured in such a way as to support human life.  Any deviation, no matter how small, and life, as we know it, could not exist.  A coincidence?  Hardly.  The same can be said for the composition of the water that fills our oceans and lakes.  Each contains its own particular forms of life.  Happenstance?  Probably not.

Every time we witness a birth, whether it be of a human being, or an animal, we are reminded of just how perfect the process is that perpetuates life upon the Earth—from the sexual act that initiates it, to the gestation period required to fully develop it.    Yet, in some cases, there is no sexual act.  The individual organism simply reproduces itself asexually.  But how?  Why?  We don’t truly know.

But there is one thing we can be most certain of: it all works.  It all seems to have a purpose.  The very fact that we cannot state with absolute conviction why or how it works is enough to suggest that there is a higher purpose to life, one that we can never fully understand.  And that leads us to the possibility of a higher power.

Copyright: Antony McAulay/Shutterstock

Copyright: Antony McAulay/Shutterstock

We spend our lives asking the question, Why? about a myriad of subjects.  Why is the sky blue? is probably the most universal question asked by man.  Scientists have provided us with a plausible explanation, based upon refraction of light, the composition of the atmosphere, etcetera.  In fact, scientists have explained the how and why of nearly every occurrence on Earth—to some degree or other.  So we should look to scientists for the answers to those unexplainable aspects of life, right?  Wrong!

When confronted with the idea of creation on a universal scale, one scientist, Georges Lemaître, of France, developed the Big Bang theory in 1927 that supposedly explained the phenomena in terms of physics.  Then, in 1988, English physicist, Stephen Hawking, apparently summed up all there was to know about the universe in his much lauded book, A Brief History of Time.  Later on, there was a great deal of controversy over Hawking’s alleged assertion that science could prove that there was no God.  His precise words were: “What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing hell for people who asked such questions?”  Nearly at the same time, another English scientist, Dr. Stephen Unwin, calculated that there was a 67% chance that God did, indeed, exist.

So which scientist has the correct set of answers?  If we are to be honest with ourselves, most of us would answer, “I don’t know.”  And that is the appropriate response.  The truth is that none of us knows definitively whether there is a God or not.  But there is one thing upon which we can all agree: There is a Higher Power beyond man—and a purpose to life that we will never fully comprehend.

(NOTE: I was asked to write an essay for a new book being assembled by my friend, Bill Ramsey, and this represents my contribution to Bill’s book.  I will let you know the title and publication date as soon as it is known.)

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  1. A smile, to last forever, rests upon my heart to see that you have written this and posted it. Your words were the music. The video was your own heart displayed for all to see, and God continues to touch this Earth in miraculous ways.


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