A Wild and Crazy Ride . . .

Grizzly Trade CoverAs a frequent reviewer of books on Amazon.com, I am besieged by other authors with requests for me to read and review their books.  Most of the time, unless a book’s synopsis really captures my imagination, I respectfully decline.  However, occasionally I will agree.  About two weeks ago, I received an email from author Dale Brandenburger, who lives in Alaska.  Right away, I was intrigued.  I became even more interested when I read his work resumé, which included thirty years spent working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. What finally persuaded me to accede to the request was when I read the cover blurb describing the book in  part as “a raucous romp through the Alaskan wilderness”―I was hooked.

Author Dale Brandenburger

Author Dale Brandenburger

Given the option between an electronic file and a print version, I opted for the latter, and was pleasantly surprised when an autographed copy arrived at my doorstep in only a few days’ time. Rather than bore you with a blow-by-blow description of the book, I decided to share the review I just posted to Amazon.com (and everywhere else I thought it might be of help).

A Wild and Crazy Ride (A review of Grizzly Trade by Dale Brandenburger)

“As one afflicted with ADHD, I don’t often read books to their conclusions—and, if I do, it may take me three months to complete the task. Having said that, it took me only three days to devour Grizzly Trade by Dale Brandenburger.  I really liked this book!

Author Dale Brandenburger paints a vivid portrait of life in Alaska, aided in no short measure by his thirty years experience working for the Department of Fish and Game.  His characters are numerous, and as interesting as any you will ever meet; all have distinct idiosyncrasies that work either for or against them.  To name a few, there are: Tim Branson, a reporter with an imaginary relationship with news columnist Jimmy Breslin; Red, a burned-out Vietnam vet on parole, who just wants to be left alone; Sylvia, the owner of the local newspaper, who can’t decide who to fall in love with; and Alkoot Al, a former New York cab driver, who’ll do anything for a buck.  There are others—including two llamas—but I’ll leave it to you to discover them on your own.

Written without chapters, the book benefits from a technique used in the Saturday morning movie serials I watched as a kid. Each scene in the book is nearly a complete story unto itself, and you can almost feel the fade out-fade in of the imaginary camera, as the action moves along.

Grizzly Trade is a book that is hard to categorize, which makes it all the more interesting. At times, it reads like a thriller, with enough blood and gore to rival a Frank Miller graphic comic; yet other sections are written with such levity that the book could almost be classified as a comedy.  Regardless of how one categorizes it, all can agree that Grizzly Trade is an engrossing, fast-paced, page turner.”

(A footnote: this is Mr. Brandenburger’s first book, which I find astonishing.)

I hope you enjoyed my review of Grizzly Trade, and ask that you either re-blog it or at least share it with your friends who are avid readers. If you are interested in purchasing the book, here is a link:  Grizzly Trade


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