Simply Delightful . . .

Sometimes the simplest activities can bring the most enjoyment.  Take hiking for instance.  A week ago, my friend Rick asked me to go for a hike in Dupont Forest, which is a state preserve here in North Carolina.  I accepted the invitation, and, armed with a granola bar and a collapsible walking stick, waited to be picked up for the ride to the forest.

Along the way, we chatted about various topics, including the usual: sports, politics, and health.  We are both well into our 60s, so the latter subject dominated our conversation (his back, my prostate and hip).  The hike was about a mile and a half, one way, uphill to a group of small lakes.  When we arrived at the last lake, a young lady was already there, swimming contentedly with her dog.  Rick and I sat at a picnic table and ate our snacks, relaxed a while in the sunshine, and then made the trek back down the mountain to the waiting car.  The whole outing took about three hours.

I enjoyed the hike so much that I returned the favor and picked Rick up two days later for a repeat performance.  This time, I brought a lightweight fishing rod and reel, a small assortment of artificial lures, and a backpack with a couple of bottles of water and a snack.  The fishing turned out to be just that: fishing.  No catching.  But that was okay; it’s never been all about the catching, or I’d never fish.

Good company, fresh air, exercise, the smells and sounds of nature.  The cost?  Nothing! (except for the gallon or so of gas to get us to the forest).  What could be simpler than that?

Got a favorite hobby or activity that brings you enjoyment?  Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Wish I could ride one, but I have a non-functioning balance system that won’t permit it. I tried a tricycle about four years ago, but it was pretty dicey in the turns.


  2. bogdanem says:

    Hiking is great, but bicycle riding even better 🙂

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  3. Don Brann says:

    Joe, Played Crooked Creek last week. Have not lost a beat (or a ball). Still stink!


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