The Most Important “Happening” at Sochi . . .

Okay, so another winter Olympics has come and gone.   Big deal, you say.  Another one will come along in four years.  And you’re right.  But let’s focus on the games just concluded at Sochi.  In all, 26 countries earned at least one medal.  Host country Russia topped all others with 33 combined, while super power United States skated, slid, skied, and even curled its way to a respectible 28 overall (fourth in gold, however, with just 9 compared to Russia’s 13).  Even tiny Norway (population: just over 5 million) garnered more gelt than the US; it collected 11 gold medals and 26 in all.  Surprise, surprise, Shaun White failed to capture even one medal in snowboarding, and the US failed to win a medal in speed skating for the first time in two decades.  The American men’s ice hockey team, expected to medal, wilted in the semi finals, and collapsed completely in the consolation game for bronze.  Favorite Canada did what it was expected to do and captured the gold.

As usual, the quality of the judging was called into question during the ice skating competition.  Does anyone really know the difference between figure skating and ice dancing?  Does anyone really care?  Okay, okay, I know there’s a difference, but do I care?  Probably not.  I just enjoy all that grace and skill combined in an effortless performance.  In fact, that’s pretty much how I feel about all the events in the winter Olympics.  I just enjoy watching, regardless of who wins or doesn’t win—and all from the comfort of my recliner in my finished basement.

But, the biggest “happening” during the Olympics didn’t occur on the ice, in the snow, or on a mountain top.   In fact, it didn’t occur at all.  After all the dire warnings, grim expectations and predictions, there was not one terrorist attack during the winter Olympics.  And for that, the world can be thankful.

Now, let’s see, where are the 2018 winter games being held.  Oh, wait.  We still have the 2016 summer games to be played.  Anyone know where?

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